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Bandicoot Valley
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bulletAbout Bandicoot Valley

Bandicoot Valley is the home of a small marsupial bandicoot that only survives on the forest floor. It cannot move in open country and cannot migrate between forests. It spends its life on the ground, sleeps among thick grass tussocks and eats ground plants and insects.

The bandicoots of Bandicoot Valley are particularly vulnerable to habitat fragmentation. In the game, you'll see how quickly development can threaten animals like our bandicoots with extinction.

bulletHow to Play

The Bandicoot Valley game board represents the forest where the bandicoots live. When the game begins, the forest will contain as many bandicoots as it can support, although usually human development will have broken up the board into several smaller forests. Each turn, you'll roll two dice: one to see what sort fo disaster occurs, and another to see how well the bandicoots breed that season. Disasters are things like bushfires, invasions of feral cats, and other events that put pressure on bandicoot populations. Sadly, these events occur frequently. Breeding gives the bandicoots the opportunity to build their numbers back up.

Remember that bandicoots cannot move between different forests. As you'll see when you play the game, this makes them very vulnerable to extinction.

bulletThe Rules

Each forest area on the board has a number on it. When you begin the game, put this many bandicoot counters into each area. This is the maximum number of bandicoots that each area can support; even if breeding is excellent, you cannot have more bandicoots in a forest than this number.

Each turn, roll a dice and look up the result on the disaster table, and follow the instructions. If a disaster removes all the bandicoots on the map, the bandicoots have lost the game.

After each disaster, roll a dice and check the breeding table. This tells you how many baby bandicoots each pair of bandicoots in the forest has. Remember, bandicoots who don't have a partner in their forest cannot breed with bandicoots in other forests.

Bandicoots cannot be moved from forest to forest.

If after eight turns there are still bandicoots in the forest, the bandicoots have won the game.

bulletGetting Started

To play Bandicoot Valley, you'll need to print out the three game board sheets and the rules sheet. You'll also need some scissors to cut the bandicoot counters out, and a normal six-sided dice.

Clicking on the links below will open new windows containing the game sheets you'll need to print out. Each sheet features a print icon near the top of the page, click this and printing should start automatically. If it doesn't, you can print the pages by typing control-P (if you're using a PC) or Option-P (if you're using a Mac).

bulletThe Rules
bulletGame Board 1
bulletGame Board 2
bulletGame Board 3
bulletBandicoot Counters

bulletWhat did you find out?

bullet How easy was it for the bandicoots to become extinct on Game Sheet 1 (the untouched forest)? How about Game Sheet 3?
bullet Of the six different types of disasters, which did you think presented the most danger to the bandicoots?
bullet Can you think of any ways to make the bandicoots of the Bandicoot Valley less vulnerable?

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