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The Gould League produces high quality, curriculum-linked environmental education resources for teachers and students. Our teaching staff have prepared a number of teaching activities that can be used in conjunction with the Wildscape website. We have also included some additional activities from our existing curriculum resources. All teaching activities can be downloaded as pdf documents.

An extensive range of Gould League curriculum resources and other products is available from the Gould League Bookshop, Gould League staff also run educational programs for primary and seconday level students. For information about our student programs please contact the Gould League on (03) 9555 5565 or (03) 9532 0909.

Links to other websites

Reptiles of Australia
Fantastic information about reptiles and photos.

Birds Australia web site

Rescuing injured wildlife

Gould League
Visit the Gould League site to find out about our environmental education programs and projects.

Environment Australia web site
Our Federal Government's environment web site.

Natural Resources and Environment
Explore Victoria's natural resources. Find out about our threatened species, and feral animal problems. Search for Victoria's Biodiversity Strategy to find out more about natural regions such as the mallee, grasslands and the alps.

Parks Victoria
Information about Victoria's national parks and reserves.

Community Biodiversity Network
The Community Biodiversity Network is a community network of organisations that help people learn about biodiversity and get involved in projects to help the environment. CBN holds a national biodiversity month in September and promotes activities and special programs around Australia.

CSIRO Biodiversity
This site provides snippets of information about Australian (CSIRO) researchers working on biodiversity projects. There are also links to other national and international sites

Conservation Volunteers Australia
The Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers co-ordinates and manages volunteers working on conservation projects around Australia. Contact them for information on projects near your school.

Greening Australia
Greening Australia works with the community (including schools) to protect remnant bushland, wetlands and help increase biodiversity.

WWF Australia
Information on ecosystems under threat. This web site offers a national and international perspective.

Habitats and Ecosystem information
A child-friendly guide to information on Australian ecosystems.

Royal Botanic Gardens
Explore the diverse native plant communities at Cranbourne Botanic Gardens and our world famous Royal Botanic gardens in South Yarra.

Greening Australia
Greening Australia works with the community (including schools) to protect remnant bushland, wetlands and help increase biodiversity.

  Links to the curriculum.

Teaching Activities

  • Making homes for wildlife
  • Our Habitat Research Project
  • Ring around Plant Diversity
  • What's eating you?
  • Wildlife Corridor Scramble
  • Using Wildscape in the Classroom

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