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Your responses to our survey questions will form the baseline data for evaluating the Wildscape Project.

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1. Has your school undertaken any environmental projects in the last five years?

Yes No
2. If yes, what sort of projects? Please indicate below.
3. Please tell us more about your school-based environmental project(s)

4. Are you involved in any environmental projects with national or state organisations such as DEET's Flying Colours Project, Bird Australia's Bird Mapping project or local conservation groups.

Planting of native or indigenous (local ) shrubs and trees in the schoolground?
Planting in nearby reserves?
Surveys of native plants or animals?
Creation of a wetland?
Building/installation of nest boxes?
Litter reduction and recycling projects
Establishment of compost/worm farm?
Water conservation activities?
Energy conservation/greenhouse projects?

5. Does your school become involved in special environmental events such as:
SEA Week Arbor Day
World Environment Day Other

6. How did you hear about Wildscape? 8. How do you plan to use the Wildscape Web Site?
In general media (newspaper or other) Use Wildscape Planner and projects to increase biodiversity in the schoolground
Education Media (Vic School news) To plan and help guide environmental projects around school
Gould League Web Site To access information about native plants and animals
Gould League Catalogue To give students experience of using a web-based technology
Surfing World Wide Web Access interactive activities
Word of mouth Download curriculum materials
Other Download individual project sheets
7. What do you think of the Wildscape Website?

Don't plan to use any of the of the project material, teachers' activities or kids' activities
Don't plan to use the Wildscape Planner

9. Have you heard of the Gould League?

Yes No

10. Have your students taken part in any Gould League Programs?

Yes No

11. Have you taken part in any Gould League professional development activities?

Yes No

12. Does your school use Gould League resources?
(books, kits and posters)?

Yes No

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